Easy 6 Steps To Automate Customer Service

automate customer service

The problem with traditional customer service software is that your support team will have to repeat themselves all day. The average cost per support ticket is about 16$, so it’s clear why you want to use customer service automation as much as possible. Who wants to stumble on an old-fashioned knowledge base article when looking for answers? Or who likes to deal with an old piece of software when it’s the 21st century already?

  • This is one of the reasons it’s critical that your customer support tech providers take GDPR and compliance very seriously.
  • NICE is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses increase customer success.
  • Customer service automation can take many forms, so it’s a good idea to assess your organization’s needs to determine best practices when you implement your automation solution.
  • Low-code platforms make it easy for businesses of any size to build custom applications without the need for programming skills.
  • That’s why, if there is a way to provide fast solutions that keep both your agents and your customers happy, incorporating it into your customer service strategy should be a no-brainer.

When a customer becomes your brand advocate, they’re more likely to share feedback. Honestly, I don’t know of a better indicator to show you if you’re doing your job right. Customer service automation can improve feedback campaigns and collect opinions along the entire customer journey. For example, it can send a satisfaction survey as soon as a customer case is resolved and add an appropriate tag such as “survey sent” to the ticket. This way, you can get fresh data with customer satisfaction metrics, such as NPS, CSAT, or CES.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence CEOs Need to Answer

It can also ensure human intervention when the queries are complicated and need the involvement of agents. More importantly, automation is great for those customers who prefer self-service and avoid talking to human agents. Customer service automation is not only helpful for customers but also for agents. While it helps deliver prompt replies to routine questions of customers, service reps will save the burden of answering each question. Automated support reduces agent workload, saves time and money, and helps customers get instant responses to their queries. Let’s discuss everything about customer service automation in the ecommerce business and 10 practical examples of support automation that you can implement in your business today.

automate customer service

This is costing companies dearly brand reputation and fuels customer churn. Automating certain processes improves efficiency of any customer service organization. In fact,  88% of customers  expect automated self-service when they interact with a business.

Tip 6: Create a robust knowledge base

You can use customer service automation to send SMS surveys, obtain feedback, and create polls on social media platforms. This automated phone-based customer support service (pre-recorded voice) uses natural language processing to assist customers when they contact your support line. It collects information from customers, provides them with options based on their queries, and transfers them (if need be) to appropriate departments for further assistance. Gorgias is the customer service platform built exclusively for ecommerce companies, and powered by a suite of AI and automation features.

However, they help you skip answering tickets by proactively giving customers information that would have otherwise become a customer support ticket. By using automated technologies such as chatbots, you can efficiently handle routine customer inquiries and free up customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues. Zoho Desk is an omnichannel customer service tool that offers workflow automation and ticketing tools for quick tracking and routing of tickets.

There is a very fine line between poor customer service and delightful customer support. One single mistake or wrong decision and you may have to regret it for a lifetime. Your canned responses for email, chat, and SMS should not sound robotic.

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